Monday, December 29, 2014

Growing, Growing, Growing

Around here everything grows constantly.  My kids grow, my animals grow, and my bills grow.  I have added 9 more piglets to the bunch that we already have. Sheep are getting ready to lamb. Chickens are trying desperately to brood.  The to-do list keeps getting longer and longer.   Our knowledge of things that must be done to help our animals thrive has also grown.  Through it all, we have been very blessed.

As spring approaches, though, there are a few things that we would like for you to keep in your prayers for us.  Fencing materials are needed to expand the pastureland for our growing sheep herd, as well as our brood of ever-growing piglets.  Greenhouse building supplies are need for the upcoming growing season.  Our last greenhouse was damaged in the move to our present location, and we were not able to put in a garden last year.  We were blessed with a connection with a local micro brewery that allows us to have their spent grains for free!  The break in the feed bill has helped us to keep our head above water so far.  Thank God for His many blessings! 

Since it doesn't look as though we are going to be flush with money this year anymore than last year, my husband and I decided to set up an account on  for some extra exposure to our small predicament.  Please consider donating to a struggling little farm!  We have set up reward system on the account so you will get something back from your donation!  Your money will go to set up new fencing and shelters for a growing number of animals and for greenhouse building supplies to help start a small farm stand!  We are reaching for sustainability and hope that you will consider be a part of our adventure... If you can't afford to donate, please consider sharing our site with friends and family and God bless you!  We have posted a link to our account at gofundme.  Please click on the highlighted link. Or type it into your browser manually  Thanks again for reading our blog and God bless you!

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